We have big dreams for this app and website to be much more than a broadcast.

  • Our dream is that people will use our content to learn, grow, and challenge themselves.  Like you!
  • Our dream is to build more than a mobile app, but to develop a transformative community.
  • Our dream is that you will choose to share our content with people in your life – your family, neighbours, or someone from the train, carpool, lunchroom, or wherever.
  • Our dream is to see a network of these discussion groups “on the go” and that in about a year, we’ll come together for one giant party.

When you are ready, we’d love for you to register your group below, especially if you’re open to others joining you!

Start a New Group

Everyone taking our courses and challenges can start a group. If you have started meeting with others to discuss our courses, register it here, and note if others are welcome to join (private or public visibility).  You are also welcome to just issue an open invitation to make yourself available for discussion on your train, bus, coffee shop or another public place.

Click Here to Submit Your Group but please Login or Create an Account first.