In 2009, an entire 13 storey building toppled over in China, killing a construction worker, and leaving homeless hundreds of new tenants who thought they were about to move in to a brand new building.

What’s striking about the images is that the building looks modern. It’s not visibly dilapidated.

The contractors did all the visible parts right, but cheated on the invisible foundation underneath it all. It was eventually visible to everyone, as the beautiful building on top crashed to the ground destroying lives.

You can find the story and pictures here:

The foundation is critical. One architectural web site I visited reminded me that a good foundation carries the load of the building above, including its people furnishings, furniture and more.

IF it’s plumb and level, all the other building materials can be, as well. And that makes the tradespeople happy.

They summed it up: the foundation is the most important work and the basis of everything that comes after.

This is true in life, as well as architecture.

Question: What is the most important thing in life? Did you choose this? Why?

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