Yesterday we saw one truth from Jesus’ story about foundations in life: that we all build on one foundation or another.

Truth 2: Difficult times will come to all.

We are all subject to the same rains, winds. Both houses face the same problems, but their foundations are differently equipped to withstand such pressures.

IF built on sand, then great was its fall.

If my identity is based on a stock portfolio, then when the market drops, my life falls apart.

If my identity is built on my physical health or beauty, the moment I get older, or get a bad diagnosis, I’m shaken. I can’t be who I thought I was forever.

If my identity is on my kids becoming what I expect, I can ride high when things are good. I can be proud of their accomplishments, and so on. But that good life is easily shaken. If they make bad choices, don’t choose a prestigious career, I’m done and can do little to fix the situation.

But if my identity is not on kids, but on God, following Jesus to him, then it’s built on rock. Then if my kids make bad choices, my identity is not shaken. I will be heartbroken, but by knowing who I am and that my foundation is on a solid rock, I will be able to reach out a hand to help them while they sink in sand.

If my stock portfolio drops, I will be able to live on, knowing that I’ve invested in eternal treasure, and didn’t wrap myself up in that financial identity to the point of unnecessary risk.

As my body begins to age or sustains injuries or illness, I can see it all in perspective. My life is built on my relationship with God, and my body is meant to serve that purpose. I’m not here to serve my body.

We’ll see tomorrow how that looks in practice.

Question: How can foundations in life crumble? What kinds of winds or rains expose their sandiness?

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