Think back to your last experience of school. I’m sure it involved some good teachers, and some not so good teachers.

Soemtimes we like teachers or not for trite reasons – fun, easy, etc. But think about the content – who could really teach?

I remember two kinds of bad teachers. One who didn’t care. He taught the curriculum, nothing more, nothing less. One day he didn’t show up, and the students didn’t mind at all!

I also remember one who tried really, really hard. But he didn’t actually know the material, so he had no credibility. The smart kids were always proving him wrong.

But what about good teachers? What about the ones where they explain something, and it clicks?

Now, imagine a really great teacher. Somebody who comes up with something new and original, and explains it well. This is rare indeed.

I recall my favourite professor at university, who joked at the beginning of his course, “I’ve you’ve read my book, sorry, I only have so much material.” But that was okay, since it reall was his material. He wrote the book because it was his authoritative, original content, and he shared it in compelling ways.

Question: Who was the best teacher you ever had? What did they teach you? Why were they the best?

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