RTC-Neighbour-Square-wBackWe are starting a brand new series – Won’t You Be My Neighbour?  Fewer and fewer people today know their neighbours, and with social media, high mobility and a busy pace of life, it’s natural to question if our neighbours matter – whether they are in the next house, cubicle, GO Train four-seater or beyond.

In this series, we’ll be looking at following through on what Jesus said was one of the most important things: Loving God and Loving our Neighbours.

What would you most like to learn in this series?  Tell us in the comments form below!

The daily challenges explore one new idea each week on how to live as a follow of Jesus in today’s busy, commuting lifestyle. Please don’t do the challenges alone for long – share it with someone from the train, bus, carpool or neighbourhood, and grow a small discussion group from there.

It all starts September 9th, when you’ll find the first few days posted here.

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