Last week we started a new series called, “The Night that Changed Everything.”  We’re looking at the significance of Christmas, a night that changed much more than most of us imagine.  We’ll see its impact on five segments of society:

  1. The Night That Changed the Religious
  2. The Night That Changed the Powerful
  3. The Night That Changed the Poor
  4. The Night That Changed You
  5. The Night That Changed the Wise

This week we’re looking at how it changed the poor.  Often the poor are excluded from important events – there were reports of homeless people being temporarily removed from the streets before the Atlanta Olympics, for example.  When the world was watching, Atlanta didn’t want them seeing poverty.

But strangely, the Christmas story puts poor people front and centre.  Mary and Joseph themselves are travellers with apparently modest means.  The first visitors to see the baby are shepherds.

We’ll explore this week why it’s significant that the poor are so prominent in this important event.

Question: What role do the poor play in our world?

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