We’re recently started a new series called “reset”.  In the first week, we talked about how Jesus makes it possible to reset all of life, giving us a fresh start in life that impacts every key area.  We’re going to look at many of these in depth, and this week we see how Jesus resets our use of money.

Have you ever dramatically changed your priorities around money?

Some examples would be at the birth of a child – people usually budget for fewer restaurant meals, and more diapers.  Suddenly RESPs and life insurance all become more important.

On news of a serious Illness, if one’s future earnings are suddenly in doubt, spending priorities change.  Or in a recession, when jobs are being lost, and investments are losing money.

On a nicer note, getting a new job can mean a new budget with less debt, and some important expenses finally covered.

There are many more examples, not always tragic, but following that usual pattern.  New priorities in life get reflected in how we spend our financial resources.

Sometimes we realize it should have been this way all along, and have our eyes opened.  We look back now at some financial choices in our past, and realize we were being short-sighted, lazy, cheap or any number of other missteps.

Sometimes we should have known better at the time, other times we couldn’t have known better, just lack of experience and wisdom.

Following Jesus is meant to be that kind of moment where you completely reassess, reset life, including finances.

Quote: Our chequebooks and appointment books say as much about our faith as our prayerbooks.

Question: What kind of life event would make you completely reassess your finances?

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