Hi, welcome to Redeem the Commute. I’m Ryan your host of the Daily Challenges. Here we are in nature. And that’s because this week we’re studying how following Jesus resets our views of society’s divisions.  We’ve seen from the Bible that followers of Jesus are meant to see ourselves as one with other Christians, regardless of the world’s usual boundaries.

There are a number of reasons for this in the big story of God and his universe.  First, look at God the Father, who was creator of all humans.  Then look at Adam, the first human, from whom all others came.  We’re all meant to be part of  God’s family, with many brothers and sisters, even though humanity’s sin has distorted that plan.

Then look at Christ.  He gave his life for all of humanity.  Finally we can look at God’s kingdom.  One description in the Bible points out all nations will be gathered together there.

Overall we get a big picture where diversity within the Christian church is rather important.  But is that what church looks like today?

Many church communities are very segregated – sometimes it’s just the reality of a place that only one culture dominates, but that can’t be the case in the GTA.  We should look like our surrounding community, with a cross-section of ages, classes and genders.

For Redeem the Commute’s growing community, we need to consider how we can become a church that brings every culture, gender and class into fellowship?

It often starts with fellowship, simply enjoying a meal, talking, learning, becoming friends, based on a common heritage as Christ’s children, before it becomes more than that.

Challenge: Have a cross-cultural experience today.  Eat in a restaurant, drop into a store, meet a neighbour, whatever it takes.  Ask some questions – what does that mean, what’s this called, etc.

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