Last week, I noticed my phone shaking, and tried to answer, didn’t get there in time.  I check the voicemail shortly after, and it was a reporter from the Toronto Star.  He said he’d like to interview me about Redeem the Commute, for a story on the commuting nightmare that has hit Toronto this summer.

I knew this was a great opportunity for thousands of people to learn about Redeem the Commute.  Our biggest growth ever came through a story on CBC News, so I knew the potential.  I also had learned from experience that he probably had a tight deadline, and would quickly move on if I didn’t call back soon.  I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to prep, but had an opportunity not to be passed up.

So, I stopped, prayed, reviewed a couple key points, and dialled the phone.  We chatted briefly, and as I suspected, he needed a story to publish the very next day.  We began our interview…

Now, imagine yourself in that situation.  You suddenly have the opportunity to speak to thousands about something that really matters to you.  What do you have to say?

We’re going to explore that kind of situation this week, as it related to some of the first Christians, particularly Peter.  He got put on the spot to speak – to do the very thing Jesus had told him to do – would he know what to say?

Question: What is the largest group you’ve ever addressed?  What did you have to say?  Was it what you’d planned to say?

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