It’s always great to hear inspiring stories of people taking bold and risky steps for a great cause.  I met someone with that kind of story recently named Josh Brake.  You can watch our video interview with him, or read some of his bio below:

After visiting an aftercare home for girls who had been rescued from the brothels of India and meeting slaves forced to make bricks in Pakistan, Josh was struck with a thought. What if even a small percentage gave just a little to help other people in need?

While it’s true there is extreme poverty in many countries, it is also true that just a little change can have a big impact.

That night instead of sleeping, Josh scribbled in his journal. Soon this thought grew from an idea into a movement. A movement that involved people from around the world joining together to help, simply because people mattered.

Now this thought/movement/opportunity is being shared with you. Join the movement and see how your $1 can make an impact.  Source

They committed their savings to start Kutoa, a public foundation dedicated to helping others where people give a dollar a month, and get to participate by voting on what kind of project should receive the entire month’s donations.  They direct the entire $1 to the charities, and collect a small 17 cent service fee to pay for the credit card processing only.  The only way to pay any salaries, new expenses, etc. is if the concept grows and becomes more efficient than 17 cents.

Josh and his wife fully realize that if this foundation fails, their savings will be lost. But if it is successful, millions will be helped. They strongly believe this is a risk worth taking.  Source

We tell you this not just to illustrate how followers of Jesus take bold steps, but also to encourage you to give through Kutoa .   We recommend Kutoa since there are some great synergies with Redeem the Commute.  We know you’re busy and it’s hard to be generous with so much on your mind, so this makes it easy to get started, although we certainly hope you’ll simply love giving and find more ways to be generous than $1 a month!

Christians have done risky things like this since the beginning, and not just financially, but risking persecution, torture and death.  Today, Christians are attacked and killed around the world.  It’s said that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

Question: What is the boldest thing you’ve ever done?  What were the risks?  Did it pay off?

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photo credit: Jason Verwey via photopin cc