Yesterday, we learned about how, when the first Christians were brought before the ruling council, one Pharisee named Gamaliel suggested the council wait and see if this whole Jesus thing survived or not.  We saw it was proof for the authorities and proof for the apostles.

Today we’ll see it’s also proof for us.

2000 years ago, Gamaliel got his way, and the council waited to see how things went.  The proof was in time, and there have been amazing results.  The Christian movement has millions of followers around the world, in every corner of the globe, changing lives for the better in countless ways.

Proof was also in what they did.  This persecution seems like it propelled them outward.  Today, we can look back and see some evidence that Christian gospel is true.  They willingly proclaimed it knowing they would be persecuted, and would probably die.

There was clearly nothing in it for them but self-sacrifice, which of course was something Jesus had done.  He went to the cross with nothing to gain for himself, but he did it for the kingdom of God, and his followers were now doing the same.

Some of you may be exploring Christianity for the first time.  You may be learning interesting facts, history, philosophy and more, but is it really something to live by?

You’re in a good place if you are reading, studying, discussing, and listening and watching these daily challenges, but they are one part of the puzzle.  You can also watch the lifestyle someone you know who is a  Christian.  It won’t be perfect, but what’s different and Christlike in it?

At some point, however, you’ll have done all the background research you can, and will need to simplyi give him a try.  Just jump in.

Challenge: Not sure about Jesus?  Give him a try!  Pray and ask him sincerely to enter your life, transform your heart, and forgive you of your sin, all those things you’ve done to hurt yourself, others and God.  You may not feel an instant change, but give it some time.  Tell someone.  I’d love to hear from you, but also tell someone you know who is a follower of Jesus.  Then find a way to continue learning with them.  Join a small group discussing our daily challenges, or studying the Bible. One meets Tuesday nights in Whitby, there is information on our web site if you’d like to come, or you are always welcome to start your own discussion group with friends.

Reading and studying God’s own words will transform you like nothing else.

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Meeting with a Group?  Your discussion questions are in this week’s Group Study Guide

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