I had a friend in university who dove right into student politics.  He was elected first to the faculty society, then a university-wide position.  He gained a wide-ranging education in three separate disciplines.  On Facebook, he posts fascinating insights into world issues, and isn’t afraid to support his favourite political party.  A few years ago, my wife and I ran into him on the street in Toronto, and he announced he was in law school.

After that encounter, my wife and I both looked at each other and said the same thing – he’ll be Prime Minister one day.  All the pieces are falling into place, and guess where he just moved?  Ottawa.  He’s finally in the capitol, where I’m sure he’ll gain all the necessary contacts and experience to run for office.

Ottawa is one of those places with influence in our world – if you want to get ahead in Broadway, get to New York.  If you want to get ahead in technology you go to California.  If you want to get ahead in Canadian finance, go to Bay Street Toronto.

It’s there that you’ll have access to the leaders in those industries, and the institutions and structures that can give someone the training and opportunities they seek.

For one early Christian leader, Rome was that place.  The capitol of the Roman Empire, where Caesar resided.  This was the place of power and influence.

In Acts 19, he said, ‘After I have gone there I must see Rome.’

Was this to make him famous?  To expand his personal influence?

We’ll explore that this week, as we conclude this series on the Book of Acts.


Question: What place is influential in your world – where do the orders come from?

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