This week we’re concluding our series on the Book of Acts.  We read yesterday how Paul was where God needed him to have maximum influence.  He was in Rome, the center of the Roman Empire, and had two years of relative peace.

It says he lived there at his own expense, and I asked yesterday why that was relevant.  Several reasons – to show his sacrificial generosity, to prove he wasn’t in this for himself, but really just wanted to see the gospel advanced.

We get a complete picture of his utter devotion to this task.  He isn’t needing to fundraise, but is perhaps working as a tentmaker on the side.  He isn’t fighting off angry mobs anymore, he’s able to speak freely and engage in meaningful debates.

What would you do with an opportunity like this?  If you had two years of financial freedom, and freedom from other responsibilities, what would you do?

Would you do something for yourself, or would you do something for others?

Would you do something for God – helping others connect with him?

That’s what Paul did.

Now we may not all have that opportunity, but we may have two days, or two hours of freedom to give to God’s work.

Challenge: Dream up what you’d do to advance the good news of Jesus with two years of freedom.  Now, what would you do with two days of freedom?  Finally, what would you do with two hours of freedom?

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