My family lived in the city before moving to the suburbs.  We were used to closing blinds, and still having light stream in.  There were streetlights, houses, buses, cars and more.

There were a few times where power went out in the night.  I would wake up, probably from a smoke alarm chirping, and realize something is wrong because I can’t see the glowing blinds.  I’d wake up with no frame of reference or sense of direction.  I would get up, stumble over and look out window.

Looking up and down the street, there’d be no lights.  Sometimes the moon was the only reason I could see anything.

We all know how comforting light can be – when we have it, we can find our way.  When it’s off, we’re lost and confused.

Over the course of history, we’ve burned candles, torches, lamps, and lightbulbs to give light to our homes.

When we have light, we feel safe.  When it’s dark, we feel afraid of the unknown.

Question: When have you been lost in the dark?  How did you find your way?

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