We’ve been exploring how Jesus can claim to be the Light of the World,a nd tell his followers they are, too. We used the sun and moon as exmaples, one reflects the light of the other.

Of course, Christians are not perfect. Jesus was the prefect reflection of God, he was described as the Perfect image of the invisible God. He was fully human, but also fully God.

But we are not Jesus.

This is why I talk about learning to be followers of Jesus. Practice makes perfect.

For now, we all reflect imperfectly. But God is working on us, polishing our mirrors, so we reflect him more clearly, with the intent that in his kingdom, we’ve been fully polished.

To hide our lamp under a bushel is to resist that polishing, and to resist God’s transformation.

Our job is: Showing that it is imperfect people that God is madly in love with, and that it is imperfect people who can enter into a relationship with God, and be perfected BY him.

This is the church being light, shining in the darkness of our broken world, in the darkness of people’s perceptions about Christian faith and the church, even as we struggle to let the light dissipate the darkness in us. We are called to be giving light to all the house. By being light in the world, others can see more clearly.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” – CS Lewis

Others should see a new way through life, when they see us. They should see beyond us to God…who he is, what he’s like, through a life lived in his footsteps.

Question: What could make a human being a good reflector of God’s light? Look to Jesus for hints!

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