Jesus said: In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

We’re so used to people doing good things to get noticed. We may do good things to earn some community service, a paycheque, recogition, etc.

A couple years ago, former Ontario politician Dalton McGuinty wrote “Most forget that our first schools, universities, hospitals and all forerunners to our modern social programs were not run or even funded by government. These services were provided by individual volunteers and charitable organizations.”

Most of these “forerunners” were church run institutions…imperfect in their own way, even though they were, at their very core, meant to give glory to God.

At their best, Christians do selfless acts not for recognition, pay or praise, but because God loves his creatures, loves when we care for them, and we give glory to Him by caring for what he cares about.

It’s all part of that polishing process…letting God know we’ve noticed his generosity and care, and are reflecting it, even imperfectly.

When we do good works, it shows people hints of who God is, and shows God we care about what he cares about. It’s a double reflection. We see world through God’s light, and other people see God’s light in the first place.

When people see us, we want them to see through us, to God.

Question: What good work can you do today, where you are guaranteed to get none of the credit?

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