We’re in a series called EPIC, looking at the stories of the Old Testament, and seeing how they are part of one big Epic story.

Have you had something go so horribly wrong, the only way to recover was to wipe it clean?  A computer, maybe?  Or a craft project, or a home improvement plan?

It’s a lot of work, it’s unfortunate, but something you have to do sometimes.  You have to format the computer, wipe off the paint or throw out the mess.

It happens in life, too.  A friend of mine just posted on Facebook “It’s time to shake things up!” as she quits her job, goes back to school to care for others as a Personal Support Worker.

Target Canada did it this month.  They have messed up their Canadian expansion so badly, they are throwing the whole thing away.  It’s painful, with huge costs to the company, but especially to the employees and creditors.

Would God ever do that to the world?  Did he ever?  You might be surprised by the answer.

This week we’ll explore a story where those very questions get answered.

It’s the story of Noah’s Ark – one you probably know from culture or childhood, but that is probably a more chilling story than you realized…yet also one of the most hopeful.

Question: When have you needed to reset and start over in life?

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