If you’ve ever wondered why we can’t all get along, this story about the Tower of Babel explains why.  When we did have the opportunity to work together, it didn’t go well.

Why?  It all comes back to our core dysfunction – sin.  Since Adam & Eve, humans have had a problem with sin.  It started with a rebellion against God, but is evident in all kinds of brokenness in our lives.  Our tendency is to cover it up or try to otherwise deal with it on our own.  Especially today, we devise technological solutions instead of spiritual ones, but that’s exactly what they tried in Babel, too.

Now, I love technology, and don’t fear science.  I studied it, I am passionate about my gadgets.  I think they can help us grow spiritually – that’s what I’m all about here at Redeem the Commute.

But they can also be ways to mask our spiritual emptiness.

The people in Babel wanted to appear like gods, or worse, to be gods by getting as high as they could.  They wanted to make a name for themselves to mask their distinct lack of godliness.

Instead of pursuing a relationship with God, the holy, perfect, loving God of the universe, they tried to replace him.

The consequence was to scatter humans, and confuse our language.

This is the explanation for the many languages and places of origin for humans.

Is diversity a bad thing, then?  Is it evil and wrong that there are so many languages, cultures in the world?

We’ll see tomorrow how this came about because of a bad thing, but was meant to be a good thing for us, and lead us to a better thing.

Question: What do you think God scattering people from Babel was preparing us for?  How could this be a good thing?

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