Hi, welcome to Redeem the Commute. I’m Ryan, your host for the Daily Challenges. Yesterday we read the story of the Passover.  I asked you some questions about the meaning of all the symbolism.

Why eat a roasted, perfect young male lamb?  Why put its blood around the door?  Why eat it all, quickly, wearing their outside clothes and with walking sticks?

Well, this would have been their most prized meat.  A female was good for milk and reproducing the flock, but a male was good for eating.  There was symbolism to the other food as well, like bitter herbs representing how bitter their life with Egypt had been.

By eating it roasted with the head and everything, there was minimal preparation work.  They were going to have to eat this meal quickly, waiting for the moment they were rushed out of Egypt by a grieving, terrified king and people.  This is also why they had to eat wearing their travelling clothes, with a walking stick.

They are like people in a disaster zone, awaiting their evacuation.  They have the bare minimum with them.  They are focused on what matters – escaping death and destruction – looking forward, not backward.

Not just for the moment, but an annual observance to remember the bitterness of slavery, and the god who orchestrated their deliverance from it.

Question: What is the connection between Passover and Jesus?