Welcome to Redeem the Commute. I’m Ryan, your host for this daily challenge. It’s Thursday, the day we try to apply and live out what we’ve learned this week from the Bible. This week we’ve been studying the story of Israel being led by a pillar of cloud and fire toward the promised land, and away from slavery in Egypt.

Pillars were a visible sign of God’s presence and guidance.  He gave them a big, bold sign since they were being asked to do some big, bold things, escaping from slavery in Egypt, travelling by desert, and putting themselves in harm’s way so God could trap Pharaoh and his army.

This is the kind of thing many of us would say we long for: a tangible, unmistakeable sign of God at work in our lives…even if it was simply a mysterious cloud and flame.  This is something God did for the Israelites, but he didn’t stop there.

He did this most powerfully in coming to earth as Jesus.  He appeared to the nation of Israel and others in human form, which is the most accessible form for other humans to comprehend.

What about now?

Experiencing God’s presence and guidance takes intentionality and practice.  It doesn’t have to be an astounding and earthshattering sign direct from heaven, God’s presence can come to us in a quite ordinary sign that gives you a reminder to acknowledge God’s presence.  Some people will say they experience God in nature, in beauty, in the kindness of others, the joy of learning.  Still others, good experience, or sense of peace in awful experiences.

Challenge: Identify something you see regularly that can become a tangible sign of God to you.  Every time you see it this week, say a quick prayer like “thank you God” and pay attention to where God may be leading you.

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