Hi, welcome to Redeem the Commute. I’m Ryan, your host for the daily challenges.

Our daily challenges are meant to help you explore what it means to follow Jesus, even if you don’t have a lot of time. We have a rhythm that keeps us in sync, even if we’re not a community that meets together in person regularly. Every Monday we introduce the week’s idea. Every Tuesday we study it in the Bible. Every Wednesday we see how that challenges and transforms our thinking on the topic. Thursdays we try to apply and live it out. Friday is a day for prayer and reflection before we take a rest on Saturday, and Sundays we meet together with others in community.

Our series right now is called “We Are”. It follows on two other series – “God Is…” and “Jesus Is…”. Our attention now turns to us, human beings, and what knowing God and following Jesus actually means for our lives.

This week we’re talking about how following Jesus makes us generous.

Do you know the idea of paying it forward?

Happens once in a while – it happened to me once where I got to the drive through at Tim Horton’s and someone had already paid.

So, I paid it forward to the next car….who thankfully hadn’t ordered coffee for the whole office.

Peaked a few years ago. In 2013 on Tim Horton’s in Winnipeg got on such a streak, by the time it was over, 228 patrons had paid for a stranger’s double-double or Timbits.

The chain finally broke with patron 229, though no one ever figured out who it was. He had the four cups of coffee paid for by someone in front of him, and then left the next person to pay their own tab.

Fun, and is a little bit of generosity being passed on between strangers.

We’ll see the story of a woman named Lydia, who saw generosity in Paul’s life, and became generous herself. She paid it forward.

Question: Who has been generous to you? How have you paid it forward?