Marriage Course - September 19, 2012

Day 33 - The Healing Process - Forgive


Forgiveness IS essential and one of the greatest forces for healing In a marriage Degrees of difficulty in forgiving
o Jesus on the cross of those who crucified him
o Small Issues, e.g. husband or wife forqeting to do something or making you late
o Big issues, e.g. unfaithfulness

Forgiveness, is first and foremost, a choice, not a feeling
• Question is not, "Do we feel like forgiving?
• Question IS, "Will we forgive? Will we let go of our self-pity / demand for justice / desire to retaliate?"

Question:What does forgiveness mean to you? Have you been forgiven, or had to forgive someone recently? Do you find it easy, or hard to forgive?

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The aim of The Marriage Course is to help couples grow closer through:

  • choosing commitment to each other and to their marriage
  • spending time looking at relevant issues together
  • increasing their understanding of each other
  • developing good habits

Tell each other your strongest memory of the first time you met and what first attracted you to one other.


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