Parenting Children - September 7, 2012

Day 24 - Setting Boundaries Part II

Parenting Children Ages 0-10

Choose the Right Battles

• pause for thought
• stop to think about whether your child is: HALT
o H - Hungry
o A - Anxious
o L - Lonely
o T - Tired

• Or, are you?

Recognize natural childishness
• Recognize the difference between natural childishness and disobedience
• This halves the battles we have to fight
• Adjust your expectations according to their level of maturity

Maintain a Sense of Humour
• find ways to lighten the atmosphere
• laugh together and with other parents

Complete the attached worksheet.

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  • physical contact is vital to a child – for boys as much as girls
  • a primary way of conveying our love for our children
  • for some parents being demonstrative doesn’t come naturally
  • we can all learn
  • create daily routines that involve physical affection

How natural do you find it to give affectionate touch to your child(ren)?  Does this relate to your own childhood experiences?

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