Parenting Children - September 17, 2012

Day 34 - Relationships with siblings and other children Part III

Parenting Children Ages 0-10

3. Have time together as a family

• don't always eat separately
• don't have several TVs in the house
• organize family nights, family outings, family vacations
• do chores together
• allow them to have fun together, playing childish games, being silly, playing outside
• don't always entertain them; allow them to be bored so they make up their own games
• have fun together as a family

4. Give each child space and some privacy

• some children need more time on their own than others

5. Help them to see each other’s good points
• give them a sense of responsibility to look out for each other

What helps your child get along with other children better?

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  • physical contact is vital to a child – for boys as much as girls
  • a primary way of conveying our love for our children
  • for some parents being demonstrative doesn’t come naturally
  • we can all learn
  • create daily routines that involve physical affection

How natural do you find it to give affectionate touch to your child(ren)?  Does this relate to your own childhood experiences?

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