Marriage Course - August 23, 2012

Day 7 - Make Marriage Time a Priority and Protect It

Make marriage time a commitment that you stick to every week. It should take priority over other demands such as work, going out with friends. playing sports, and even parenting.

Protect this time from interruptions and distractions such as the telephone, the computer, visitors, the television, and long working hours.

Question:Tell your partner what have been the most special times you have shared together as a couple. Be specific. Explain why they were special to you.

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The four seasons of marriage (not every marriage will go through each stage, but the principles apply to all marriages)


  • early years of marriage
  • season of discovery and excitement
  • initial infatuation will wear off at some stage
  • the greatest need is to accept each other


  • season of increased activity and demands
  • may become parents during this season
  • may face pressures of infertility
  • careers can be more demanding
  • the greatest need is to give time to the marriage relationship

Reflect on what you’ve heard so far. Talk together about the pressures you’ve worked through until now in your relationship, and the pressures you’re currently facing.


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