Here are the five things that Redeemer Church is committed to doing when we gather in both Big and Small Groups.

1) We have some learning to do. We learn from the Bible what it means to follow Jesus. Self-study and small group study like this. And when we gather as a large group, more formal teaching like a sermon.

2) We worship God. Sometimes in prayer, sometimes in song, we express our love and commitment to God directly. SMALL GROUPS – pray for one another. LARGE GROUP – common prayer.

3) We get together and have a good time. SMALL GROUPS – eat together. Dessert. LARGE GROUP – potlucks, parties. Etc.

4) We give – to one another, to support the church, and to those in need around us. SMALL GROUPS – stuff, personal help, sponsor child, etc. LARGE GROUP – food banks, mission trips, etc.

5) We live and talk about grace. Lifestyle & witness. SMALL GROUPS – lifestyle of forgiveness/love, community service, invitations to others, sharing your stories. LARGE GROUP – classes like this

Whichever way we gather, there are some real benefits to commend it.

Question: “Which of the five “looks” of communion do you find most meaningful, and which one is hard for you to imagine?”