slide25Prayer is at the heart of our relationship with God and so fundamentally we can pray any way we want. How each of us prays will depend on a multitude of things—our personality, stage in life, health, environment. A challenge for many people is trying to find a time to pray. I find the best combination is to have a dedicated time each day (morning, evening, what works for you) and to begin to see moments throughout the day when you can pray—that minute it takes your computer to reboot, waiting at a red light, while on hold with Rogers cable, waiting in line at Starbucks, lying down with your children as they fall asleep, in the shower, shoveling the driveway, waiting in line at the checkout…when you begin to look there are actually an awful lot of moments in the day when you can briefly connect with God in prayer.

Everyone is different, and so our relationships with God will be different. Find the time that works best for you, that you can communicate with and hear from God best, and give it to him.

But you may wonder, how do I pray? What do I say? Do I need to say certain words, in a certain posture, or a certain way?

This can make people really nervous, so nervous they don’t pray, or that they pray in a really awkward way that is just for show – stringing together empty words is how Jesus put it.

slide26There are actually three ways to pray.

  • Pray using someone else’s words
  • Pray using your own words
  • Pray using no words

Question: Where in your life could you create time to pray?