Welcome to Redeem the Commute. I’m Ryan, your host for the Money Course.

Comparison shopping isn’t limited to Disney DVDs.

When I was buying a new vehicle a few years ago, I used a website called Unhaggle, that asked ten nearby dealers to offer me their best price on the exact same vehicle. I ended up going to my closest dealer, but I was armed with reasaonble offers from nine competitors!

If it’s time to renew your insurance, look at comparison sites like Kanetix.

For credit cards, there are sites like Rate Supermarket.

There are sites for finding the cheapest gas stations, I could go on.

I’m not endorsing any of these sites, but they represent the opprotunities you have to do research, and comparison shop for some really big expenses, not just groceries and electronics.

Question: What is the biggest savings you’ve found by comparison shopping? What tools did you use? Share your story with someone else.