Parenting Children - August 19, 2012

Day 7 – Setting Goals and The Importance of Play

Parenting Children Ages 0-10

•  having a vision for our familu life
•  pausing to think about what we want to achieve
•  what will our children’s memories be of us and their home in twenty years, time?

Goals for our family life - When they are adults, will our children associate their upbringing with:
•  having fun together as a family?
•  being listened to?
•  being able to talk through difficult choices?
•  being encouraged and affirmed?
•  being valued for their unique personality and gifts?
•  knowing they are loved?
•  learning important values of honesty, generosity, etc.?
•  learning to think about others?
•  being prayed for?
•  having clear boundaries for their own protection?
•  seeing kindness modeled?

The importance of play
•  using their imagination
•  learning skills
•  playing on their own
•  playing with others
•  indoor and outdoor play
•  limiting screen time

Did you have fun with your family growing up? When do you have the most fun together as a family now?

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