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Ryan Sim - May 20, 2013

Monday - A New Idea - Priorities

Sermon on the Mount

I overhead some people on a first date talking about what’s important in life. I remember answering questions like that – listing your priorities as a good way to learn about someone. There’s a standard formula. If you’re a Christian, have to start with God. Then you’re supposed to say something about people: family, friends, loved ones. Then finally material things – jobs, posessions, etc. But are they true? Or are we trying to say the right things to impress someone – show that we’re a good date, good Christian, good person? They make for inspiring stories - take the Office two weeks ago: Jim has stepped back from a business he’s started to mend his marriage and work at his old job with Dunder Mifflin. David Wallace, the CEO of Dunder Mifflin, says “Most of the guys I know wouldn’t rearrange their golf schedule to save their marriage”. But what does that really look like in practice? How many times can you sacrifice money for kids before your kids suffer? Would God rather you spend Sunday morning at hockey practice, for your kids physical health, or at church, for their spiritual help? When does God trump one’s kids – only on Sundays, all the time, or never? This kind of prioritizing can leave us feeling like every decision is a competition. We asked some people on the street about their top two priorities in life – and heard about kids, money, health and more. That’s what we’ll look at this week. But instead of a question, here’s your task – list off some important things in your life, and rank them. Think of things like Kids, Parents, Spouse, Friends, Job, Home, Savings, Paying Debt, God, Possessions, etc. Prioritize them – rank them – you’re not allowed to give any ties. We’ll use this list in Thursday’s challenge. If you’re not sure, look at your spending, or use of time through the week. It’s usually a good indication of your priorities in life.

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