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Ryan Sim - May 27, 2013

Monday - A New Idea - Worry

Sermon on the Mount

There has been lots to worry about this last month. 8 in 10 worry about Homegrown terror. After the Timothy Bosma story, how many are now worried they’ll be abducted when they sell their truck? I did a google search on worry – the first page of results talked about debt, mental health, parenting, economy, housing market the job market and more. We also asked people on the street, what kind of things do you worry about? And we know many of you are worried about toll commuting takes on relationships, family, finances and health. But we often feel stuck. It leads to sleepless nights, inability to make decisions, anger, ulcers, stress, more. Question: What do you worry about, and how do you worry? Make a list.

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