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Ryan Sim - May 9, 2013

Thursday - Act On It - Self Denial

This week we’ve seen three reasons to engage in self-denial like fasting: prayer, self-discipline, give to poor. Today we see, it's not just about food. There is a lot in our lives that can distract us from prayer. Maybe we can give up some TV time, some web surfing. Spend that time on the train with Redeem the Commute, and pray after each session. It's also easy for our bodies to drag us into sin. When we're not healthy, can be too exhausted. Place for physical self-discipline in following Jesus. And there is lots of excess in our lives that could be shared with others. The friend I told you about a couple weeks ago (Generosity topic), saw her tax refund as a way to give to Redeem the Commute, so you and others could learn to follow Jesus. Challenge: List one thing that distracts you from God. One unhealthy aspect of your life that keeps you from fully serving God. One area of your life where you have abundance, and could share with others. Pick one, and come up with an action plan.

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