This is a follow up to our Christianity 101 course, so please take it first! In this course we explore how people follow through on their plans to follow Jesus.  We cover the Bible, Prayer, Community, Generosity and Service.  You’ll be encouraged to take steps to make each of these a part of your life, and to find a community of others who are making the same changes.

The best way to enjoy the course is if you invite a friend, who can listen to the same content as you, so you can discuss the question when you’re back in one place.  When you’ve been meeting in a group for a little while, register your group here.

Marriage Course - September 12, 2012

Day 26 - The Importance of Shared Faith


When we expect our partner to meet all our needs, We inevitably fail each other and get hurt, causing our marriage to spiral downward.

When we look to God to meet our needs for significance, security, and self-esteem, we are better able to give to each other.

Praying Together

• helps us connect with each other in a meaningful way
• ensure prayers are vertical, not horizontal and manipulative
• five to ten minutes a dad is better than one hour every month
• ask each other, What can I pray for you today?"
• accept the same requests day after day
• draw on God's promises from the Bible and start with thankfulness
• don't give up even if you have young children
• the closer each of us is individually in our relationship with God, the closer we are to each other as husband and wife
• if one has upset the other, say sorry before praying
• be deliberate and plan it into your schedule
• if you're not comfortable praying, find other ways to connect and support each other on a daily basis

Question:Ask your husband or wife if there's one thinq they’re concerned about at the moment. Then if you are comfortable prayinq, pray for each other. Otherwise, express your support in some other way.

Question 2:Complete the Worksheet found under "Study Guide"

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