Commuting can really test a marriage.  This course is for couples, young or old, experienced or newlyweds, in trouble or just looking to learn.  It’s been used around the world, normally at a cost, but we’ve made it available to residents of Durham Region completely free of charge.

The best way to enjoy the course is if your spouse watches or listens to the same content as you, so you can discuss the question when you’re back in one place.

Marriage Course - August 24, 2012

Day 8 - Nurture Each Other


Nurturing involves seeking to meet each other’s emotional needs for affection, encouragement, support, comfort, etc,

• we all have a longing to be loved and to be known by another
• empty space inside that needs to be filled up with love
• when empty, we feel alone or lonely giving each other emotional support refills the empty space inside
• we are made for close relationships

How to nurture
Be proactive rather than reactive:
• being reactive means focusing on each others shortcomings
• being proactive means focusing on each other’s needs
• proactive behavior draws couples together because each one feels loved; when we feel loved, we feel like loving

Study each other:
• recognize each other’s needs
• often our partner’s needs and desires will be different to our own
• discover what matters to your husband or wife. otherwise we tend to give what we like to receive.
• needs change over time
• make requests, not demands
• we can't assume our husband or wife automatically knows our desires. We must tell each other.

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