Commuting can really test a marriage.  This course is for couples, young or old, experienced or newlyweds, in trouble or just looking to learn.  It’s been used around the world, normally at a cost, but we’ve made it available to residents of Durham Region completely free of charge.

The best way to enjoy the course is if your spouse watches or listens to the same content as you, so you can discuss the question when you’re back in one place.

Marriage Course - September 16, 2012

Day 30 - The Healing Process

What happens if hurt and anger are buried?

Physical symptoms
• disturbed sleep
• appetite affected
• medical conditions, e.g.; ulcers, high blood
• pressure, pain

Behavioral symptoms
• inability to relax
• low sexual desire
• quick temper / intolerance
• escape through drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc.
• escape into work, children, religious activities, etc.

Emotional symptoms
• loss of positive emotions, e.g.; romance, love, joy
• low self-esteem / depression
• shut down
• fear of confrontation

Question:How many of these are part of your life today? How, if at all, are they connected with unresolved anger?

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