The busy commuting lifestyle can be brutal for young parents.  It’s hard enough to find time at home, and especially when children are young, it’s hard to get everything done before bedtime, and everyone out the door in the morning again.  This course has great practical help for parents of children up to age ten, along with worksheets and discussion questions to help you process what you’re learning.

If you’re parenting with a partner, ask them to watch or listen to the same content as you, so you can discuss the question when you’re back in one place.

This course is also great in groups – start by checking it out alone, but then invite someone else or a couple to join  you.  When you’ve been meeting in a group for a little while, register your group here.

Parenting Children - August 21, 2012

Day 9 – The Importance of Bonding

Parenting Children Ages 0-10

•  for children, love is spelled T.I.M.E.
•  children need quantity time as well as quality time
•  significance of first eighteen months of a child's life
•  who will be our child's main caregiver?

It can be hard to work out balance of parenting and employment
•  working at home/from home
•  full-time/part-time
•  the time we spend with our children is more powerful in communicating our love than anything we say We need to prioritize our time
•  learning when to said "yes" to our children and "no" to other people and things
•  the only place we are indispensable is at home
•  we need to plan our time
•  time with the people who are most precious to us doesn't just happen
•  if married, plan marriage time" each week
•  as a parent, plan "family time" each week
•  plan some one-to-one time with each child (we will look at this in detail later in the course)

We need to protect our time from:
•  the TV
•  the telephone
•  other people
•  our work

What demands on your time stop you from spending time with your children?

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