Redeem the Commute offers courses designed for busy commuters.  We know the life of a busy commuting family can be difficult.

It’s especially hard on three things: marriages, parenting, and spirituality.

So we have courses on strengthening your marriage, parenting children, parenting teenagers, managing stress and anxiety, finances and more.

The Marriage Course offers practical help for couples, young or old, experienced or newlyweds, in trouble or just looking to learn.

The Parenting Courses are for single parents, couples, step-parents, even grandparents – anyone raising a child who wants to sharpen their skills. There’s one course for kids under 10, and one for older children and teens.

The Christianity 101 Course explores the big questions of life and Christian faith, and for four years, we posted a fresh daily commuter challenge each day.

We hope you’ll join us! Each session takes less than ten minutes, and you can watch on video, or listen if you’re in the car.

Redeem the Commute is owned by 2486033 Ontario Inc. operating as Digital Message.  We are not a registered charity, though you are welcome to support our work.

Thanks for being such a big part of our dream.

  • Our dream is that people will use our content to learn, grow, and challenge themselves. Like you!
  • Our dream is to build more than a mobile app, but to develop a transformative community.
  • Our dream is that you will choose to share our content with people in your life – your family, neighbours, or someone from the train, carpool, lunchroom, or wherever.  Have a group like this?  Be sure to register!
  • Our dream is to see a network of these discussion groups “on the go” and that in about a year, we’ll come together for one giant party.

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