Parenting Children - August 21, 2012

Day 9 – The Importance of Bonding

Parenting Children Ages 0-10

•  for children, love is spelled T.I.M.E.
•  children need quantity time as well as quality time
•  significance of first eighteen months of a child's life
•  who will be our child's main caregiver?

It can be hard to work out balance of parenting and employment
•  working at home/from home
•  full-time/part-time
•  the time we spend with our children is more powerful in communicating our love than anything we say We need to prioritize our time
•  learning when to said "yes" to our children and "no" to other people and things
•  the only place we are indispensable is at home
•  we need to plan our time
•  time with the people who are most precious to us doesn't just happen
•  if married, plan marriage time" each week
•  as a parent, plan "family time" each week
•  plan some one-to-one time with each child (we will look at this in detail later in the course)

We need to protect our time from:
•  the TV
•  the telephone
•  other people
•  our work

What demands on your time stop you from spending time with your children?

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