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Ryan Sim - April 16, 2013

Tuesday - Study It - Perfection

In Matthew 5:48 Jesus said, Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. What's your reaction? Do you laugh? Yeah, right, I'm supposed to be perfect like God! Or do you feel guilt? I'm so not perfect…but I should be. Do you try to rationalize it? He doesn't really meant that? It's not a mistake. This idea comes up elsewhere in the Bible. i.e. Be holy as I am holy. Leviticus 11:44 Holiness is God's quality. Good, perfect, godly. Is Jesus really asking us to be like God in some way? If people were trying to redefine holy to get around this passage from Leviticus, Jesus makes it clear. I really mean I want you to be perfect and holy. By our usual definitions, it seems overly idealistic. Something for young, dreamy-eyed people. But have you ever tried to follow all God’s laws to the letter? The Sermon on the Mount can be discouraging if we treat it this way, and this line is the cherry on top. We'll see tomorrow what this means. Question: Jesus seems to expect the impossible of his followers. How do you react to this?

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