A 2009 British study found that 96 per cent of people over age 65 knew their neighbour’s names, but only 66 per cent of people under 25 did.

A 2005 StatsCan study that revealed that between 61 per cent of rural residents knew all of their neighbours, but only 16 per cent of those living in major urban centres did.  http://www2.macleans.ca/2011/01/21/the-next-door-neighbour-from-hell/2/

Does that matter anymore?  In the age of social media, high-speed travel and mobility, aren’t we beyond needing physical neighbours?  I know I have remained friends with many of the same people over the last decade, as we’ve each moved an average of 2-3 times in that time.

For many in suburbia, home is a place to sleep and recharge, but little else.

This new series looks at neighbours.  We’ll consider, who are our neighbours in this era?   Do they matter?  Do we need to matter to them?

Question: When have you needed your neighbours?  When have they needed you?

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