We are in a new series called, “The Night that Changed Everything.”  We’re looking at the significance of Christmas, a night that changed much more than most of us imagine.  We’ll see its impact on five segments of society:

  1. The Night That Changed the Religious
  2. The Night That Changed the Powerful
  3. The Night That Changed the Poor
  4. The Night That Changed You
  5. The Night That Changed the Wise

Four of the five happened long ago, with categories of people who look different today – our wise aren’t Magi, our poor aren’t always shepherds, and our powerful are seldom kings.

Today, we’re looking at how it changes us today, not just those long ago.  We’re looking at how it changes me, and you.

How can the birth of a baby 2000 years ago impact people today?

Whatever the reason or mechanism, we can simply note that it has.  We still date years with AD/BC – a dating system intended to be based on Christ’s life.  In popular culture, we see much discussion of Jesus, with new books, blogs and films created regularly.  People still quote Jesus to prove their points.

And of course, many people like myself will tell you Jesus is alive and well in their lives today.

Question: What impact do you see Jesus having in the world today?

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