We saw on Tuesday the story of Simeon, and what he said about Jesus bringing salvation available for all people.  He picks up Jesus and says:

“for my eyes have seen your salvation that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel.”

Simeon was considered a righteous and devout man.  It would have been easy to rely on his good works for his salvation.  Instead he goes and picks up a baby boy, and says this is the source of his salvation.

For him, that was a life-changing experience.  We pray that Jesus’ arrival on earth is lifechanging for you too.

Through this series, we’re seen Jesus’ impact on the religious, powerful, poor, and next week, the wise.

If you are religious – beware of trying to earn your salvation, you will find yourself falling short every time and in despair.  For you, Jesus’ birth brings hope. God came to you, you don’t have to get to God.

If you are powerful – beware of feeling like there are threats all around, and falling into fear.  Jesus is your comfort.  He is the true source of all power wherever it is exercised, and he can live in you and work through you to build kingdom of god, rather than your own kingdom.

If you are poor – you are probably aware of your reliance on God and God alone.  It is easier to know you are spiritually poor when you are materially poor, as material wealth can obscure our need for help and salvation.  Jesus represents spiritual riches offered freely to all of us, rich and poor, but so often rejected by the wealthy and accepted by the poor.

Whoever you are, God coming to earth reresents grace – a free gift from God you didn’t earn, didn’t force, and didn’t buy.  It was a turning point in world.  Will it be a turning point in your life?

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