We’ve been exploring the idea of a total reset in life – what Jesus described as being born again.  It presents a number of challenges to us in our modern lives which are so complex and interconnected.  What about our responsibilities, families, and so on?

Jesus is not talking about a life replacement, but reset and renewal.  A reset is different from formatting a computer.  One is destructive and wasteful, the other is refreshing and freeing.

We regularly talk about the world’s big story in these daily challenges.  We were created to know God be known by God, to have God at the centre of lives.  Then all humans rebelled against God, pushing him out of our lives.  This was the beginning of sin, a separation between humans and God stemming from our desire to worship and rule ourselves, rather than reliance on God.

Human history is filled with evidence of this separation from God.  What was God to do?  God could reformat, start over, and pretend it never happened.  But instead, we got a reset moment.  God stepped into this world as Jesus Christ, and pushed reset.

He makes it possible for us to reset our lives, and has begun to reset the entire world – with a fresh start known as the kingdom of God.

In our lives, we get a second chance to live in a close, personal relationship with God, when we start practicing the kingdom of God.

Having tried the alternative, living to ourselves, now we can live under God’s care and guidance once again.

Considering the rebellion against God in our past, God doesn’t say “forget about it”.  He sees, remembers, and does something about it.

The Kingdom of God is a reset world.  Not the whole world yet – we just see signs and glimpses of it in people, and in God’s direct action today.  We’re invited to start living into this now, and to become a glimpse of the kingdom of God in other people’s lives.

But how?  Jesus says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

We’ll see tomorrow what that means.

Question: Where do you see signs of God’s “reset” world today?

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