When did you first hear about life coaches?  I hear about them all the time, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon.

I had a terrible time finding its origins.  A Google search reveals mostly ads.  Searching through Huffington Post reveals article after article written by life coaches, but nothing about what that means.  A search on Maclean’s, a reputable news source reveals mostly quotes from interviews with life coaches, and only two articles about the idea, including one about 25 year olds coaching each other through their “quarter life crisis”.  This is when Millenials hit the workforce and find it’s not all they’d hoped for, and a lot of hard work.

Some have decided to share these ideas with others for up to $70 an hour by becoming life coaches.   In fact, a friend suddenly announced she was quitting her job and going to be a life coach.  She tooks osme courses, but many don’t.  More and more people taking on the title – pastors, bloggers, etc. as they find it’s something people want.

The profession is not regulated – so anyone with advice to offer, good or bad, can call themselves a life coach, and if you’re willing to pay them, you can put your career and life in their hands.

We do all need help – I meet with a mentor regularly, maybe you do too.  We need doctors, psychologists, home inspectors, investment advisors, and so on.  We need good advice.

So how do you tell the difference?  How do you know when you’re getting good guidance on your life’s mission?  We regularly find that our little missions in life – to buy a house, to get a job, to be happy at work, etc. could benefit from some guidance.

But we should be especially careful about the big mission – the reason God put you on this earth in the first place.  That’s not one to take lightly.

That’s what we’ll talk about this week – as Jesus’ followers were given a mission, and they weren’t going to be  alone in doing it, they’d have the ultimate guide.

Question: Who would be your ideal coach or guide in life?  What could they do, say for you?

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