Yesterday we studied Peter’s speech after healing a man.  At the end, he said people shouldn’t look to him, or to the healed man, for answers.  Where should they have looked?

He wanted them to look at Jesus.  That’s where the man, and the crowd will find healing, power, and hope.  Us, too!  We’ll find the one we’ve been waiting for, even though humans killed him, he rose again and undid that and every other wrong.  Yes, he was speaking to local Jews at the time he made these accusations, but by its presence in scripture, and all our participation in sin, he was also speaking to every human being on earth.

With an opportunity to speak to thousands, Peter made a direct accusation.  This may make us uncomfortable, and it probably made his first hearers even more so.  But thankfully he doesn’t stop there, but gives them some comfort, that this was all possible due to their ignorance.  As Jesus died, he said, “Forgive them, they know not what they do” and Peter reminds them of that.

They didn’t know that Jesus whom they killed was actually their Messiah, but he was.  Peter lets them know this is the one they’d been waiting for, who would bring together all the best of their history in one Messiah.  He says Jesus was the:

  • Suffering servant
  • Moses-like Prophet
  • Davidic king
  • Seed of Abraham

The people in Jerusalem at that time put him to death, but we all made it necessary.  Through our own sin or rebellion against God, our sin, we’ve all had our part in Jesus’ death.

But that also means we can all share in his resurrection.

His resurrection led to the forgiveness of sins for all people, freely offered.  If we call on his name, where true power is to be found, we’ll find our ultimate healing just like that man.

His takeaway message?  Repent and turn to God.  The physical healing this crippled man experienced is just like the spiritual healing you can experience.

He describes three blessings:

  • Sins will be wiped or blotted out.
  • Times of refreshing, we can see it in this leaping man who previously couldn’t walk.
  • The promised Christ, Jesus will be back to bring his kingdom fully to earth as it is in heaven.

Challenge: Find one way today to point to Jesus, instead of yourself.  i.e. Don’t take the credit for something important today, but tell someone you thank God for it instead.

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