Over the last few weeks, I’ve told you a few stories about people who found themselves drawn to following Jesus as Christians, and yet were a little apprehensive because they knew it would be bad for business.

The rock musician whose stage persona is one of anger, apathy and irreverence.  What would their fans think, if they knew their rock idol had become a follower of Jesus?  How would that impact the entire band, the record deal, and the bottom line?

The debt collector who was taking our Christianity 101 course, and wondered if he’d still be able to do his job, since it now seemed like he was harassing people for money.  If he did stay, would he have to change how he did the job?  Would he be less effective, and lose his job all the same?

The man committing fraud because it was the only job offer he had in a new city, and it put food on the table.  When he drew closer to Jesus, he knew he needed to get out of that line of work, but didn’t know where he’d find the next job.

Each of these people had to count the cost of following Jesus.  Was it worth it?  Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

For some Christians, that question can be offensive.  Of course it’s worthwhile.  But for those approaching Christianity for the first time, I know it’s a very real consideration.

Especially for those who live in countries where they will be attacked for their beliefs, for example Iraq today.  A Christian population has existed in Iraq for centuries, yet they are being driven out.

And it was for some of the very first people to hear about Christianity as well, and we’ll study one of those stories this week.

Question: In what other ways do you think Christian faith can threaten someone’s livelihood today?

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