We’re studying a story this week where Jesus described the reasons for his (at times confusing) teaching style.  We learned that those looking for God’s kingdom would find it in Jesus and his teaching, but those looking for knowledge, moralism or wealth would walk away confused.

So, what is the seed?  It is the good news of God’s kingdom.

This is early in his teaching ministry, so it’s amazing how Jesus gathers his disciples, and a crowd forms as well.  The crowd is so big he needs to get in a boat and row out a little ways so they can see and hear him.  He teaches.  Many people recognize him as a great teacher, but we’ll see him as so much more in future weeks.

But if he is such a great teacher, why does gather a huge crowd and then appear to waste the opportunity telling them strange stories about farming?  The people listening probably knew not to plant seeds on rocks or pathways.  His disciples were frustrated by this, and asked him why he he’s so cryptic.  Why the stories and not just the basic teaching?

He reveals that’s the whole point of the parable, actually.  By teaching in this way, he ensures that his message is heard by those with open hearts.  Those who have “ears to hear” about his kingdom.  Those who are sure they already know what the kingdom is supposed to be – a revolutionary military conquest, perhaps, won’t hear it.

Thsoe who are religious legalists and want to bring about the kingdom by imposing law on others, won’t hear it.

Those who are wealthy and want the kingdom to favour them and their lifestyle won’t hear it.  Jesus meets all these kinds of people and more.

But those who are sinners in need of grace, they will hear it.

Right  now, it seems those are his disciples.  He wants them to have the deepest understanding possible, so he explains it to them?  Why? Their job will be not  just to ponder these things and adopt them, but also to pass them on to others.

They obviously did, since we hear Jesus’ teaching today worldwide.  They are now part of a team of sowers.  So are  we.

Good to know we are not the sower, nor the seed.  We don’t have to only plant seed in good soil – we simply cast the seed of God’s kingdom around and trust it lands and grows where God wants it.

Challenge: How will you help plant the seed of the gospel, the good news of God’s kingdom, in the soil around you today?  How would you describe the “seed” to someone?

Meeting with a Group?  Your discussion questions are in this week’s Group Study Guide

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