There are two extreme approaches to work:

1) Work is necessary evil. Do just enough so I never have to work again.
2) Work is the ultimate good to pursue.

We’ll look in depth at these two kinds of extreme approaches to work next week, and how they can damage us, then the next week, we’ll see what good work looks like, and how it ties in with God’s purpose and rhythm for both work and rest.

We saw with the recent devastation in Quebec how disastrous it is when trains go off the rails. They are made to run on rails. The rails are not about restricting their freedom, however. The rails give them freedom – when they hop the rails, they lose all freedom.

God has given some tracks for us. A rhythm of work & rest in a week…a year…and a lifetime.

Work is not a temporary, troublesome virus in our lives, but part of who we are. And the rhythm will help us see that while work is important, it’s not all important.

Balance and rhythm are the way to keep away from those extremes.

Challenge: Draw a continuum between these extremes – work is nothing, everything. Where are you? Where are those you know and work with? Where would you like to be?


Acknowledgements: Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavour and Work & Rest

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