So far this week, we’ve looked at rhythms for rest, but what should one actually do with that time?  One author, Tim Keller, has suggested two main categories of rest.

1) Doing nothing at all.  Kick your feet up.

2) Do something different from your usual work.

If you work in a bank, volunteering to help launch our church is a form of rest.  But if you work in a church, then it isn’t rest…but doing the books for your favourite charity could be.

If you’re a fisherman, then fishing isn’t rest.  But if you’re a videographer, it is.

If you’re a landscaper, then cutting the grass at home isn’t rest.  But for many people, it’s therapeutic!

Not sure what that might look like?

It could be contemplative – spend some time praying, reading something spiritually focused, watching a sunrise.

It could be recreational – playing soccer, rock climbing, hitting the beach, learning a new skill, reading something just for fun.

It could be aesthetic – going to an art gallery, climbing the CN tower to look over the city, watching an outdoor movie like we’re hosting this September.

Rest is going to vary depending on your work and your personality.

For me – rest is reading, or outdoors.  Hiking, rock climbing, camping, all use muscles, parts of my brain and energies that writing these challenges and standing here in front of a camera talking to you does not!

Question: List your favourite way to find rest in each of these categories:

  • Doing Nothing:
  • Contemplative:
  • Recreational:
  • Aesthetic:

Then put down when you’ll plan to do that next.

We meet for coffee this Wednesday night at Starbucks in the Chapters Store in Ajax, in Durham Region just East of Toronto.  Maybe we’ll see you there?

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