At the conclusion of every year, we share some of our favourite videos from the past 12 months, either because of some nice videography, or some content we thought was really exciting.  Enjoy – we’ll return with fresh content next week!


We have to start at the beginning, in the Garden of Eden.

This is the place where the first two humans were given freedom to enjoy the life God had given them, with only one rule: don’t eat the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

You may know this story, it sets the stage for everything else that happens in the entire world from that day forward.  There is something about us that is broken, that pushed God out of our lives, and continues to be a struggle.

Yet, the one thing God told them not to do, proved irresistible.  You probably know this yourself, having struggled with one temptation or another.   Sometimes these are serious – tempted by a sexual proposition, an opportunity to steal, or other serious immorality.  Sometimes these are relatively benign things, chocolate when you’re on a diet, another TV show when you have things to do…but that can quickly turn more serious if they become a pattern.

It’s like the kids in this video – even the innocence of a child can’t resist the temptation to do exactly what they’ve been told to avoid!


Question: What temptations do you give into most easily?

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